Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ISDers: The Master Filters

With many companies scrambling to get up to speed with Enterprise2.0, and connect with the customer in an authentic voice, the conversation is beginning to turn too "what do we do with all of this user-generated content?"  This has been part of our discussion internally and I read it here as well.

I think learning professionals are in a unique position to filter the chaotic collection of user-generated content.  Isn't that what we do know anyways as we go through the "A" of the ADDIE process?  Our greatest challenge over the last decade has been trying to get SMEs to understand that it's not about THEY want to teach, but about what the audience NEEDS to learn.  If we are good/lucky we meet in the middle and the compromise is the mediocrity of elearning click2death courses that we have today.

The beauty of social networks, blogs, forums, etc. is that we now have the wisdom of crowds having conversations, creating mountains of content.  Much of that content is junk and not necessary for everyone but we keep it because it may be of use to someone (the long tail).  We can data mine the piles of content and filter out the nuggets of information that will stand the test of time trapped inside of a "course". 

There's a lot more that I am thinking in this space, but too much to blog.

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