Monday, July 24, 2006

MOST training IS useless!

And this from a well known Business consultant, and Harvard business professor:  Why (most) Training is Useless

Jay Cross blogged it here.
Stephen Downes blogged it here. blogged it here.
and there are many others just google it.

The comments of each are also filled with insightful remarks and the realities of our business. Check out some great followup articles from Stan Malcolm regarding the failures of online learning.  
Here's a little taste from David's article...
"What companies don’t seem to understand is that, as I shall discuss later in this article, training is a wonderful last step in bringing about changed organizational and personal behavior, but a pathetically useless first step."
I was just starting my family vacation when I discovered David and his article, podcast and web site.  I listened to many of the podcast episodes during vacation and found them very insightful.  His years of experience definitely put my idealistic thoughts of learning2.0 into perspective.  More on that later.

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