Tuesday, August 08, 2006

eLearnDevCon Tuesday update - Games, Corporate YouTube

After giving my Wikis and Learning presentation (coming soon to a podcast near you.) I floated around the sessions poking my head in and out.  I stopped off at the Games for learning session and was impressed with the content.  At least the content I was there for.  One thing I would like to add for those of you new to my blog and/or attending the conference is Raph Koster's book... A Theory of Fun.  This is a fabulous book with so much learning theory in it that it should required reading at all EdTech schools.  And I love sharing this quote from Marshal Mcluhan:
"Anyone who makes a distinction between games and learning doesn't know the first thing about either"
Then...I hustled over the session talking about video, MPEG4, Flash video, etc.  That is where I discovered the golden nugget I had been looking:  Corporate YouTube!  On2 Flix has a server engine product that allows you to create a web app for users to upload video clips...it then compresses the video to flash video...just like YouTube.  Hopefully this "YouTube" style compression and user-generated video content system will not bog down corporate bandwidth.

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Josh Bancroft said...

You're doing awesome blog coverage of this event. Very informative and useful - thanks!

That corporate YouTube clone is very interesting. I'm going to have to check that one out - it might fill a need that popped up recently...