Sunday, August 13, 2006

eLearnDevCon2006 additions to the blogosphere

Just giving a shout out to new bloggers who attended my sessions at eLearnDevCon2006.

e-Learning Visions
I love the idea of eLearning Visions.  Nice work, Geradine!  I'm looking forward to reading more about your visions.
Evidence-based ______________ (you fill in the blank) is all the rage these days.  I'm very glad that there are people out there driven enough to make the research happen.  I tend to go with my gut most of the time which has served me well over the years, however when making a sale, or convincing management, or investors to believe in me, that data sure does come in handy.

I am glad you both enjoyed the conference. Thanks for helping continue the conversation.

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Geraldine Voost said...

Thanks for the comment and link back, Brent! And thank you for giving me that last little push I needed to start blogging!