Thursday, August 24, 2006

Medical Simulations in SecondLife - Collaboration with iTunesU?

If you are still wondering what all the fuss is about with Second Life, and you're not the type of learner to simply get in and play around, then read this blog post and listen to the interview that is there as well.
"Doctors will get a small dose of content, but they will then have to address a patient scenario related to hypertension and diabetes."
Also, check out the 2L Educators Wiki for more information about other educational activities occuring "inworld".

I wonder if anyone is looking into a collaboration or partnership between iTunesU and SecondLife?  That would be very cool!  Perhaps in the Medical simulation some of the "small dose of content" could be delivered via podcast prior to the inworld event.  Just a thought.


Alan said...

Thanks for listening to our NMC story... There's quite a bit of interesting things doable in Second Life for scenarios and case based learning; have people take differnt roles etc.

Not sure what would be special about iTunes U and SL, as mp3s are mp3s no matter where you get 'em.

PS- previous comment from is comment spam; the exact same message was trapped in our spam controls.

bschlenker said...

Alan, thanks for commenting. I'm really looking forward to getting back in there. I'm subscribed to your flickr feed and love the shots from your events.

I'm not sure what would be gained by combing iTunesU and 2L either actually. It was just one of those thoughts that just hits.