Saturday, January 13, 2007

Joining the LMS conversation from e-Clippings

I'd like to get in on the group think over at e-Clippings. The new thoughts on what learning widgets and LMSs might be like is very interesting to me. I've long been thinking about the Learning Dashboard. The Google analytics view is a great example of dynamic data presentation. It doesn't matter WHAT the data is, so why not load something like that up with the typical tracking data we want in an LMS? Student history? Content Viewed Path/History? Certifications? Lists of others who have viewed the same topic?

The concepts being explored and exploited in Web2.0 apps will no doubt blend into Learning. Its a natural progression that is simply going to take some time, but it will happen. Remember, its always been about the people, NOT the technology. Web2.0 tools simply support the connects and the data presented simply improves the quality, and quantity, of the human connections.

Who knows, really, how it will look. But one thing is certain in my mind: Closed off Exclusive Social networks - Blackboard-style are NOT going to least not very far.

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