Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SPOREiors!!! Come out to palaaaayaaaay!!!!

The SPORE Creature Creator was released the other day. Get the Windows or Mac version HERE. Watch my character get his groove on below...

Yep! Its cute, and its fun, AND it has educational value. Actually the entire premise of the game design was based on discovery learning. Will Wright is the brain behind this master piece and its sure to have an exciting impact on the gaming industry. The game doesn't release until September but you can get a good idea of how incredible it will be by playing around with the creature creator.

Still not sure what the heck I'm talking about? Join the social network SPORELEARNING. Its fresh and new so don't be surprised if you are the first one there ;-)

What I want to do is use this as the place to share ideas leading up to the release of SPORE. And then once the game is released we can have a virtual meeting and all get started in the game together. We can share learning ideas every step of the way. It will be a blast!!! The best part is that it will all lead up to us all meeting face to face in San Jose at DevLearn08 to share what we've learned with the rest of our serious games colleagues. There may also be some other surprises in store for us while we're there ;-)

Don't forget that Super Early Discounted Registration ENDS June 27th.

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