Saturday, March 31, 2007

Give your eLearning a little...BANG! ZOOM! POW!

Okay, so I didn't use ComicLife for this little comic strip. But I found a great little tool (thanks LifeHacker!) that's in beta called ToonDoo. It's done in Flash and is VERY cool...for a web app.

My session title spedically refers to ComicLife which is a Mac-only app (Windows releasee is coming soon). But my session will be covering much more than simply how to click around inside of Comiclife. There is a lot to know about comics, storyingtelling, and design secrets of the comic masters that we can apply to our eLearning.

I'm looking forward to the session as something fresh and unexpected.

Hey, you can also check out which is another fun little web app that does storyingtelling creation in comic form.

The Guild event is right around the corner. I'm looking forward to hanging out with all y'all over a pint or a cup'o'joe.

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