Tuesday, April 03, 2007

NoBS, The end of the MBA

From Seth Godin comes NoBS...the New Order Business School.

Brilliance! I would apply the sentiment to all other forms of formalized academia. The ONLY thing worth attending my graduate program for was the CD-ROM project that connected me with influencial Intel insiders (and a GREAT friend!) Most of the technical learning came from the kids in the lab...the PhD'd instructors didn't have a clue about how the technology worked. Maybe that's changed...I doubt it.

Seth nails it! I was one of those with nothing better to do. No network. No family connections. It was the only road available to me. I kind of feel suckered...a little. Hey, if you want an MBA check THIS site out. Its the PersonalMBA. Can we come up with a PersonalM.Ed?

"Why not get your PhD?" The only reason I can think of is that it looks impressive after my name as the author of a book.

"Why don't you write a book?" Read Stephen Downes fabulous article in the April-May issue of Innovate Online. There is no reason to write books in the age of new media.

I love learning! I LOVE the blogosphere! I've never experienced a better way to learn in my life. If it's not just me, then why don't we teach what it is that we do to TRULY learn?

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