Friday, June 22, 2007

Corporate eLearning Weekly - Talkcast Episode8

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Corporate eLearning Weekly - Talkcast Episode 8 is completed. Click the link above or the Talkcast widget to the right.

This week I had the pleasure of 2 live guests: Allison Anderson and Cammy Bean
Two relatively new bloggers share their unique experiences lifting the flat wood panel of Web1.0 to uncover the buzzing, active, beehive of Web2.0. (Cammy gets full credit for the metaphor...thanks, Cammy!)

Cammy also introduces us to It looks like an audio forum. Very cool.
There are a couple other blogs too, but my browser crashed and I lost them.

We also talked about Improving Conferences. The ongoing discussion over at with Tony Karrer.


Karl Kapp said...

Brent, Allison and Cammie:

Hey just got done listening to the weekly Talkcast, really enjoyed the informal discussion. It was great to listen in and get the opinions of Cammie and Allison as newer bloggers and to hear Cammie's impression of the conference and her "Stalking" of speakers.



bschlenker said...

Hi Karl! Thanks for kind remarks. It's my early attempt at trying out podcasting, and so it turns out different every time.
I used the invite feature, but nobody could make it so I just skyped Allison and Cammy and said, "hey, ya wanna chat for a while?" They said sure and so we did.
What a hoot! I love this stuff!
I'll get you on the invite list and look for you on skype next time.