Thursday, June 07, 2007

Data, data, data...its raining data - FREE Webinar

In the spirit of full disclosure, and if you haven't already heard, I'm an employee of The eLearning Guild.
With that said, I'll use the kid in a candy store you have no idea. The research data is beautiful and might I add VERY web2.0. (more on that later)

If you didn't get the email on the latest Direct Data Access tools then you should hit the web site and check it out.
Sure data isn't sexy like "Rapid eLearning Development" or "Learning2.0 tools" and the other topics out there. However, you ALL need data to support your initiatives. I know because I remember having great ideas shot down by management because, "you don't have enough data". You know, "bring me a rock!"

The Direct Data Access may seem overwhelming when you first look into it on your own. I didn't get it when I first looked at it myself. However, after a short bit of handholding, I was totally blown away by the current data set, and potential for the future.

So, I'm highly recommending that you attend 1 of 2 Webinars that will walk you through the Direct Data Access tool.
Register HERE.

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