Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone is so close I can almost feel it...

While sitting here in 110 degree heat, my Treo dies. This has happened every summer that I've had the stupid thing. So, its time for a new phone.
I'm at an AT&T store instead of the Apple store: 200 people vs. 20...both in the direct sunlight.

The mLearning race is certainly going to heat up. I'm VERY excited to see what some of the academic and government institutions do with it. Can't wait to hear from Judy Brown of mlearnopedia.

So, I'm hot, sweaty and tired. But in an hour I have an iPhone in my hot little hands. Oh yea, and it looks like everyone stopping by the store tomorrow will too. Oh well, I met a lot of nice people
Stay Tuned...

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