Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DevCon2007 - my first keynote

Many thanks to the Rapid Intake team for selecting me as the headliner for DevCon2007 in Utah. What a great crowd! I had fun and heard many positive remarks about my sessions and the keynote.

I also met many, many very nice enthusiastic people. Besides the fact that I LOVE to speak, teach, and learn, meeting people is my next favorite thing at these events. Its fun to meet students who are just starting out in this crazy field of "elearning", or "EdTech", or whatever we call it. The mid-career professionals are great to meet as well. Its fun to see them get fired up after being in a long, deep, professional slump. And of course those folks in their prime, the peak of their careers, running a new training department, or seeing their small business having tremendous success. I just love it!

But lately, the thing that I really love is getting emails from folks who say, "I heard your talk on the benefits of web2.0 and so I started a blog. Come check it out!"

Wendy Wickham (Day 1 and Day 2 DevCon Coverage), Cammy Bean are 2 fine examples. Tracy Hamilton also writes about her experience starting her blog after being motivated at the eLearning Guild Gathering in Boston.

Everyone has a unique story and I love listening, and seeing the sparkle in your eyes when you see something new that might solve a problem for you, or just simply be a darn cool way to save your company some money and improve training outcomes.

So if you didn't get a chance to say hi to me while I was in Utah, then say it now. I really do want to hear from you. Leave a comment and just hi if nothing else comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent! I enjoyed your session with Wendy and your keynote. Many thanks!

michael weiland (WPCarey School of Business @ ASU)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent ... I missed you at DevCon, but enjoyed your keynote. I just added a podcast of interviews I conducted at Devcon. Folks can click upon my name for access.

bschlenker said...

Michael, thanks for the kind words and saying hi here.

Rich, I'm beginning to feel like I missed many friends. I saw your name on the list but...well, that's just how it goes.

Both of you, please stay connected. Cheers!

Tracy Parish said...

I was so pumped after hearing you several times in Boston. I can only imagine what a keynote from you must be like. I'm certainly hoping that I get to hear you speak again. Thanks kindly for the words of encouragement and the plug.