Friday, July 20, 2007

Facebook - the next Operating System?

Facebook buys Parakey
Facebook has just acquired an Operating System. A WHAT? Why in the heck, would a social networking company buy an OS company? From INSIDE FACEBOOK

So what they also get are the 2 brains behind the creation of Firefox. Firefox's incredible flexibility and openness is what made it attractive to the Facebook folks. Facebook opened up to developers and now it has blown away the competition. Firefox did the same and grew quickly as the #1 alternative to IE.

eLearning and Social Networking
When I talk about social networking apps being something to watch in the eLearning industry, this is what I'm talking about. Remember, its about the people, NOT the technology. The PEOPLE are hanging out at Facebook, so if you want to get connected with people and become productive get into Facebook.

Why are people hanging out at Facebook? Because that's where their friends, and colleagues are hanging out. And why are they there? Because there is a ton of stuff to DO! And a ton of stuff to get you connected to the people who like to do what you DO. Doing is important and its much more fun to DO stuff with other people who like to do it too.

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Aaron said...


I think a big reason why Facebook is catching on is the access and the design of it. First off, it's a lot easier to navigate around Facebook than myspace. Myspace may boast more users, but Facebook is pretty by any comparison.

Then take a look at the mobile abilities of both myspace and facebook. Myspace has a mobile portal -- if you have a Helio. Facebook, on the other hand, is the most frequented site on my handheld because it's great to use on a mobile web client.

The kids are going to keep playing in every space they can get into. The older kids are setting up camp in Facebook because it's a lower barrier to entry. No cumbersome ads and clicks to get your profile up and running.