Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Corporate eLearning Weekly - The Podcast gets 1 star - Thanks tcsails!

I love Talkshoe! If you have never checked it out, you should. I've used it to create the Corporate eLearning Weekly podcast. Okay, so its not quite weekly, but I try.

One of the things that's kind of fun is that Talkshoe handles ALL of the publishing stuff. So imagine how surprised I was to see MY podcast in the iTunes store. Wow! That's just darn cool! What's even cooler is that people get to express their opinions to the public

So, its not the most glowing review in the world. But, honestly, being in iTunes was not my original intent, but its a nice bonus. The Talkshoe app is just a very cool way to create your own live call-in talk show, for lack of a better description, for FREE. You can use it for other things too. And its recorded. Perhaps, as tcsails so eloquently points out, the audio could be better. But hey, beggars can't be choosers right?

Some have certainly had a bad experience with the podcast...bummer. I appreciate tcsails, taking the time to listen to the first 5mins of each episode. I do appreciate the 1 star. I'd say that's quite generous.

For other ""c" level executives", let me recommend Clive Shepherd's 30min Masters.

The podcast is fun, and Talkshoe provides a great service for group collaboration. The podcast is currently either just me babbling, or an open unstructured conversation between eLearning professionals. If you'd like to join the conversation then join us in Talkshoe for the next one (to be announced later). If you don't like listening to recorded versions of conversations then don't listen to the podcast.

My apologies to anyone expecting more and feeling let down.


George Siemens said...

Hey Brent - you have a good attitude on this. I often find how willing some people are to provide criticism anonymously. Personally, I'd say keep podcasting :). It's far easier to criticize than to create. And yet creating is so much more rewarding...

Take care

bschlenker said...

Hi George! Thanks for commenting and lending support. I LOVE creating! Criticism has never stopped me before.
I have a pretty thick skin.
Now had I actually TRIED to make good quality audio then i'd really be bummed out. I'm no TWiT network just yet...yet!