Monday, August 06, 2007

SecondLife is about PEOPLE! USA Today cites 300 Universities implement SL

So, at the risk of restating the obvious let me say this...

If PEOPLE don't have a reason to be in SecondLife they will NOT go there!

For those of you that have gone in and been disappointed (See the WIRED article from last month) and find yourself not getting it, then don't worry about it. YOU don't have a need for it...yet. If you were still in University and went on campus at 6pm to Building X and there were no classes scheduled would you be surprised if NOBODY was in the building when you walked in?

You are probably not attending one of the 300 Schools that, in fact, have found a need for it and engage students on a regular basis according USA Today's article.

"Joe Sanchez, an assistant instructor in the School of Information at the University of Texas-Austin, studied an English class of 19 students using Second Life. He found they don't like it for activities that can be done in a real classroom, such as lectures or slide shows. But they do like to use it to visit new places or do group activities."

Well, no duh! Use the right tool for the job. SL does not make all other forms of learning and delivery obsolete. It's a beautiful supplement for the doing things never before possible with people never before known in your RL (Real Life).

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