Thursday, October 18, 2007

Compliance training - It is what it is!

I went on a rant in this post regarding compliance training. Donald Clark started it with his post on Compliance killing training.

Mary Kay Lafurno comments:
"Yes, you are right. But honestly, I know its a blog, and your stage to rant, but what can anyone do about this? It is what it is."

She is right. "It is what it is." Is your industry heavily regulated? Do you find yourself just cranking out the "click2death" online courses just so you can send the entire workforce through it and therefore feel good about "being compliant?"

If you do it better, faster and cheaper than anyone else, then pat yourself on the back and ask for a raise. It's simply part of being in the business that we are in and in many cases THE primary reason why you were hired. It is what it is.

Do you now find yourself feeling better or worse? Do you think you are alone? And that if only you worked in a different industry things would be better? Don't count on it. I've got some data you may be interested in posted at the Guild Research Blog.

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