Monday, October 08, 2007

Facebook for eLearning evaluations - testing

One step closer to the Facebook LMS:

This little Facebook app is TV Trivia Quiz. I was surprised at how many questions I could answer. I was also pretty successful utilizing the theory, "when in doubt, B".
That worked a lot for me. I could also guess many of the questions based on the image and poorly written distractors...but that's beside the point.

Basically what we have is multiple choice testing with feedback. The other cool thing is that the community gets to make up the questions. Now how cool is that? You can also ask a friend...I like that feature. I wonder if we could ask the developers to make it opensource so that any content/topic could be used? Astromony? Geography?

I also wonder if tool makers like Articulate Quizmaker, QuestionMark and other testing creation tools are considering a Facebook app version.

Of course the obvious question would be WHY? And I'm not sure I can answer that specifically. However, there is something very cool happening in the Facebook space and I'm not sure it takes that much programming muscle to make these apps happen. So, my question is WHY NOT?

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Anonymous said...

My first thought for a use for this was for high schoolers studying their "SAT vocabulary." Vocab is good for multiple choice, and you could do 2-3 questions at a time, just spending a few minutes. In 5 minutes you'd still get some benefit from it.

In a related idea, what about something for new employee training with all the jargon that every organization inevitably uses? Especially if you could have some sort of badge showing off when you passed, or made it into a game, it might work for that purpose.

Then again, either of these ideas would work just fine as games outside of Facebook. These have good potential for mobile learning too. But, it's an idea. I'm not sure what the benefit would be for using it within the Facebook environment over creating a game in another environment though. I'm just thinking about what types of content would work.

Anonymous said...


Long time no. Looks like you left Intel not long after I did. (Sept 06) Glad to see you're doing what you love.

I agree that some of the sharing and social networking resources can be extremely beneficial, but I also see that in some industries the developers' and users' hands may be tied due to security and confidentiality policies, or legal compliance which is intended to protect privacy and prevent fraud. I now work in finance and these security precautions have become a significant barrier when compared to the relative freedom I had before, and unfortunately didn't appreciate.

Send me a line if/when time allows; I'm not doing any public blogging to speak of so I can't point you towards a web site. Always open to doing some consulting though, even if I DO still find some value in traditional ISD processes. :-)