Saturday, April 19, 2008

Learning Algorithm - The New ISD? MUST READ!!! after an awesome AG|08 conference, you'd think I'd blog a review. No way. Not when I've discovered "the next big thing".

Did anyone else read the article in WIRED on the flight home? The Memory Master. Piotr Wozniak is the brains behind

There is far too much to talk about and far too little time to write. Its time for another talkshoe podcast to discuss this one.

But the short of it is that I can't believe we (the learning community) have basically ignored this research for decades. I can't wait to talk with someone about this, but right now the Suns are whoopin' up on the Spurs and I need to finish watching the game.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing (and sad) that the learning community has ignored this research for so long. I discovered Supermemo and the idea of spaced repetition in college, and pretty literally changed my life. College was a breeze academically, and it let me spend time learning and exploring other things.

Since then I've used spaced repetition software to help learn Chinese, prepare for important professional exams, etc.

It's good that it's getting some mainstream coverage. It's power is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent

Great post! Due to summer I didn't read the article extensively, but at a glance especially Will Thalheimer has been on this subject for some time and also to some extend Ruth Calvin Clark - but as the senior old fart in this community I'm supposed to remeber as an elephant ;-)
But thanks again for bringing this article to my attention - I will look forward do dive deeper into it - and will like you recommend others to do the same.

Ole Kristensen