Friday, September 19, 2008

Drupal in Education and e-Learning

I just found out about this book from Helge Scherlund's eLearning News Blog.
I'm a big fan of Drupal.  I've run several sites with it and within the last year the new releases have been incredible.
However, for many it still remains too open and flexible and complex to be viable for the average web user or beginning developer.  I hope this book changes that. 

Moodle is already such a fabulous open source system for education that I'm excited to see Drupal compares.

Here is more information from the web site.  You can also learn more about FunnyMonkey at their web site.

The book is due out sometime in October 2008.  The video below is of the author presenting a session on Drupal in the Classroom.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Brent,

First, thanks for digging up the somewhat coherent ramblings in that video :)

Also, the book is out and available on November 28th, just in time for holiday shopping!

BTW, had a good time following the tweetstream from DevLearn -- sounds like a great conference, and congratulations on your hard work putting it together.



bschlenker said...

Hi Bill!
Thanks for commenting and updating us on the status of the Book.
I see 2009 as being a very strong year for Open Source. I think that Drupal 6 is the version that will make accessible to a larger community of users...non-, or less-techy types.
I'd love to have you present at DevLearn09. The eLearning Guild's community of 33,000+ members is full of the people that both want and need to read your book.
I also heard you on the lullabot podcast. Great job!