Monday, September 22, 2008

TONCHIDOT - Tagging the world - Extreme Mobile Learning

QR codes are so yesterday.  At least they will be if TONCHIDOT can deliver on their promise of tagging the world. 
"Our Sekai Camera ("World Camera" in Japanese) is a real-world interface for the iPhone that connects real and virtual worlds, allowing anybody to create, experience and participate in both."
I can't even begin to tell you about this unbelievable technology.  You've got to see it in this video below:

The powerful learning potential of this technology is exactly what I've been hoping to see.  But I thought we had at least another 5 years before I saw it.  Some might say, oh but we already have iPod downloads at museums that are good.  Well, yea, but with those you only get ONE person's perspective...the person or production house that created the app.  AND the darn thing is probably NEVER updated.  With this, anyone can add a virtual tag on an object in the real world.  It sounds so unbelievable that I was even reluctant to post about it.  The video even looks like it might be faked.  But from all accounts this is real and on its way.

Perhaps mobile learning isn't actually dead after all. 


Wendy said...

Watching this video soon after reading InfoWorld's Futureshocks (see No. 2) made me think of the implications of tons of folks looking at their iPhones for tags vs. where they are walking / driving.


bschlenker said...

Yea...hhhmmm...could be an issue. That reminds me of the iPod laws that have passed prohibiting the use of earbuds while walking around town. Perhaps this will be outlawed as well. I can't imagine using this technology while walking, but I'm sure some will do it.
I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to my mom used to say.
I wish the QR code readers worked this well. Ya know? Just point the camera at the QR code and the software instantly recognizes that there is a code in the frame. Currently you have to push the button to take an actual photo of the code before the reader engages.

Anonymous said...

Brent, this product demo is crazy! Is this for real? Besides mobile learning, think about mobile living.