Tuesday, December 02, 2008

authorstream - another slideshare-ish app

Here is another web-based app for sharing ppt files.  It looks very interesting.
Presenting LIVE is cool feature that I want to test at some point. 

This is still in beta, but if anyone out there has tried it already please let me know what you're impressions are.

How could elearning developers take advantage of apps like this?  Do you already?  Do we encourage our learners to share using these tools?  If you already have a course online how might you incorporate something like this on your next rev.?
I'm very curious to hear ideas.


Anonymous said...

But do you thing that duplicating slideshare, youtube, google etc. makes sense ?

bschlenker said...

Absolutely! Competition helps keep them all on their toes. Aren't you happy that AOL and Compuserve ended up having competition for email accounts?
All of this stuff is new and many different developers are using different types of coding and strategies to develop these tools for us to use. Some will ROCK and others will stink, but its awesome that everyone gets to take a shot at making the best one that hits the big time.

Michael Hanley said...

Hi Brent,
I undertook a side-by-side assessment of SlideShare and authorSTREAM on the E-learning Curve Blog in June of this year; I'd be interested in your view of my findings:

Best regards,
Michael Hanley