Monday, September 13, 2010

Podcasting = Continuous Production NOT One-off Course Production

The beauty of podcasting is NOT that you have an easy way to send ONE or TWO audio (or video) recordings of an instructor leading an in-class course or instructor-led training.  If that's all you are doing then you have NOT created a podcast.  The simple act of recording a few audio or video files and putting them on a webserver with a link for users to access...IS NOT PODCASTING!

If you understand what I just said then you may not find this post relevant to you. If reading that made you wonder a little bit about your podcasting strategy then you MUST read on.

When you are creating your strategic plan for 2011 you should stop and consider a completely new approach.  In my years of corporate training experience the "plan" was always based on how many "courses" we would create and how many we would update.  These were like little products.   The production cycle had a very solid linear beginning, middle, and end, with all of the appropriate resources being allocated to the project.  In this case training is little more than a widget factory.  Before and during Internet1.0 that was fine...

...but the new internet changes EVERYTHING!

Instead of managing training like a factory you need to start managing the training function like a media publisher/broadcaster.  Your training department is less like Ford and more like Viacom.

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Vast Talent ELearning said...

Have you started using Podcasting in your company? can you share the experience with us? like the learning curve of it, equipment issues, difficulties etc.