Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smarter = or maybe just drink more?

@mrch0mp3rs Interesting article in Psychology Today regarding smarts and drinking - Take note that all the smartest eLearning professionals will be at DevLearn ( in San Francisco in a couple weeks. Good times! I'm waiting for the study on smarts and awesome karaoke skills though. #dl10

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Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol

It is important to note that both income and education, as well as childhood social class and parents’ education, are controlled in multiple regression analyses of these data from the US and the UK.  It means that it is not because more intelligent people occupy higher-paying, more important jobs that require them to socialize and drink with their business associates that they drink more alcohol.  It appears to be their intelligence itself, rather than correlates of intelligence, that inclines them to drink more.


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