Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yammer as a Simulation Tool

Thanks to @janehart for pointing this out. Follow the link below and read how Yammer is being used in disaster preparedness training. If you aren't familiar with Yammer you can get more info at

What I'd specifically like to point out is how innovative this training solution is. And no I don't mean that Yammer is an innovative tool. It's not about the tool. It's about the people. In this type of situation it may not be Yammer that is being used as the mode of communication. What the trainees are learning how to do is communicate effectively via technology when talking is not possible.

It's one of those moments when it seems so obvious after someone else has already done. Many kudos to the training team.

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Stop, Drop, and Roll...out Yammer

Imagine the warm autumn sun rising against the craggy outlines of Mount Vesuvius. You’re at a quaint sidewalk cucina, about to tuck into a plate of fresh-baked bombolini when suddenly, the ground begins to vibrate and your cappuccino starts to roil. You look up and the once dormant volcano appears to be gasping plumes of smoke. As others run away, you leap into action: for you are one of Derek France’s Natural Hazard Management students. Over the next 45 minutes, you and your fellow Hazard Analyst Officers must grapple with a major disaster. Looming not too far away, the mighty volcano threatens to erupt for the first time in 60 years. All around this natural landform, millions of lives are at risk. You immediately grab your laptop and get onto your Yammer network to respond and coordinate with your team. 


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