Monday, May 16, 2011

mLearnCon - Save $$$ with Group Rate at Fairmont

festisite_us_dollar_1.pngIf you have employees/learners that have cell phones, you NEED to be thinking about how this impacts your learning solutions. All of the info you need to make smart decisions about mobile learning is at mLearnCon. Don't wait until management approaches you and your team. Be proactive and make sure you're ready with a smart answer.

SAVE $$$ at the Fairmont San Jose by booking your hotel stay this week. The block of discounted rooms is selling fast. Don't wait too long.

You might be thinking mobile learning is still a few years away before your organization will support you. That's okay. But did you know there are learning solutions you can deploy TODAY even if you're locked behind a firewall? There are companies supporting learning in ways you've never dreamed of, and they're all at mLearnCon.

201105161102.jpgI'm really looking forward to this year's keynotes. Jeremiah Owyang, and Amber MacArthur are new media icons that have been researching and embracing technology before the internet became Web 2.0. They have the stats and know the trends that will impact the future of your organization like no others. And I can tell you they are 2 of the nicest technology speakers I've had the pleasure to work with.   

I love elearning. What mobile devices mean to eLearning is VERY different than what you might think. mLearning is NOT transferring your eLearning onto a mobile device. mLearning does NOT mean exporting your existing courses in a different format and calling it good. Many rganizations have tried that and failed. Learning from those who have gone before you is the smartest decision you can make. Its priceless.

Many mLearnCon 2010 attendees are making mLearning happen today. I can't wait to hear what they've done and where we all will go next. I'm looking forward to the hallway conversations and seeing all my twitter peeps as well. Ping me now if you are planning on attending so I can be sure to find you and say hi.

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