Thursday, October 06, 2011

Reflecting on the Apple Experience

I decided to take a break and sit outside the Apple store at the Biltmore in Phoenix today. I sit here with an iPhone 4 in my hands. I effortlessly swipe my thumb across the screen looking for the right icon. It's beautiful. Every pixel. Every icon. I simply marvel at this little device every day. I find the new Blogger icon and launch the app. The app opens. It's beautiful too. Not because Google made it that way, but because Apple MADE them make it that way. All the icons are just the right size in just the right place. Hey, look! There's the the camera icon. Tap. Point camera at Jobs memorial outside of Apple store. Tap. Photo inserted into blog post. (let's hope)
And so it's back to writing about this experience. When I'm done I'll Tap the Publish button and immediately have a photo and this text on my blog distributed to thousands of subscribers. No, Steve Jobs, and Apple, did not invent any of these technologies. Steve Jobs simply made using these technologies a pleasure and a joy. He insisted that the user experience come first and he made no compromise. And Apple executed on that vision. Not without mistakes along the way but with a singular vision of making wrongs right and always striving towards an excellent, effortless user experience.
I don't care what functionality people point out on other devices. There is no other technology like Apple technology and from what I can see from the current options available...there never will be.

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