Friday, January 24, 2014

Twitter Founder Launches New App - Its a Jelly, eh?

I have a hard time NOT thinking of this movie whenever I see doughnuts.  And I have been known to bribe my kids with them.  Of course, they never knew why I would always say, "It's a jelly, eh?"

So, Imagine my reaction to the new mobile app, Jelly, from the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone. Read this TechCrunch article about the app.

Spoiler alert: Biz Stone says the app is more about the users giving answers than it is about the questions. 

The gist of the app is to use photos to ask questions.  The app is very well done, however I can't seem to find a use case for it. I still find Google Search to be quite helpful in my quests for answers. And I tried to spend time getting something out of answering questions too.  But alas, there was a lot of craziness being posted: Lots of users "testing" out the possibilities.

However, it didn't take long to start thinking about what this "could" be used for within Corporate eLearning.  I could see this being a white label enterprise Q&A app with employees asking and answering questions.  In order for this to work in the enterprise it would need to be hosted behind a firewall for security to approve it.  Because the bulk of the questions and answers will most likely be of a proprietary nature, it's important that these conversations are not held in the wild.

As training departments begin to transition their focus from event based training to Performance Support models, I can see tools like Jelly becoming more and more popular.  I'm so convinced of this that I am predicting that before the end of 2014 we will see an app similar to Jelly launched to specifically target the corporate training industry.  Unfortunately, it will probably be called something like, Jellearning. 

Ugh! I so hope I'm wrong...

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