Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Game Design and UX Design are about Learning

I'm really looking forward to today's #TLDCast because I'll be hosting a book review of one of my favorite books: A Theory of Fun by Raph Koster.

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a book for newbies in the world of training and/or L&D, this is my #1 recommendation.


Because Raph takes very complex neuroscience, cognitive psych, and other complex studies and applies them in a narrative of discovery. A journey into why some activities are fun and others are not.

In corporate spaces "fun" is often frowned upon. I believe that is the case because it is misunderstood. Fun is misinterpreted as the opposite of work.  Having fun can often times be very hard work.  And working hard is often fun.

But at the heart of the fun of games is learning. I've embedded this UX/UI presentation by Raph directly to his statements about learning. Click play and listen to about 3-5mins. If that doesn't intrigue you then you're done. But if it does, rewind to the beginning and watch the entire video.

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