Friday, March 23, 2007

Let's all start learNING

I checked out NING many months ago and thought is was awesome then...but a little clunky. Haven't looked at it since. Then I see about it coming back to life and so I check it out...
Check out
Mark Oehlert is onboard too at
So cool!!!!


Wendy said...

You and Mark found a very cool tool. One concern - if I join everyone's Ning, will I be able to keep up? :')

Brent Schlenker said...

I think everyone is suffering from Socialnetwork overload. I simply like testing them all out in an effort to discover the good and the bad. I can tell you that many of the newer ones are turning out to be very slick. NING is cool but I've also read concerns about their license agreement.
I'm becoming more and more impressed with ELGG these days and may consider spending much more time in that space and installing my own version to test it out.

Mark said...

I couldn't believe it either. In just 5 mins I had set up my own social network! I am testing it out at the moment and if anyone wants to take a look, come see me at

It will be interesting to see how Ning performs, with many schools these days banning social networks sites like myspace, the ability to police content and create private networks could make this a nice tool for teachers and schools and schools to try.