Friday, August 31, 2007

Image carving - Adobe hires imaging guru - Adobe Learning Summit

Shai Avidan has been hired by Adobe. You've got to watch the video above to understand why this is a VERY cool thing.

I love photoshop and, at times, have spent countless hours "cutting" out elements from a scene and being left with the task of recreating the background into the space left behind. You've GOT to see how easy it is with Shai's technology. Not to mention the amazing ability of stretch and squash an image without distorting the original characteristics of the image. I'm serious! You've got to watch this video. So cool!

Don't forget that the Adobe Learning Summit is co-located with DevLearn2007. An amazing opportunity for eLearning pros and beginners alike to get the latest in learning technologies and methods, AND hang out with the Adobe folks. As you can see, Adobe is up to some exciting stuff. Perhaps by November there will be some killer announcements and new eLearning tools.

This is your "Going into the weekend video". Enjoy!


Christy Tucker said...

That was just SO COOL. For all the time I spend trying to find just the perfect image or playing in Photoshop to tweak, think of all the possibilities we could do with this!

Thanks for sharing.

Mark C. said...

Awesome!!! I am a PhotoShop / Fireworks junkie as well. There is nothing better than masked + layered goodness. This technique can totally allow your images and content to scale. I wonder if/when this technique will find its way into video production.

Brent Schlenker said...

Glad too hear I'm not the only one geeking out on this VERY cool technology.
Even if it doesn't make it into the video editing apps right away at least we can finally take an image that isn't the right size for video and resize it without distorting the heck out of it when inserting it into final cut.
Can anyone say PhotoshopCS4?