Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spore - finished but not complete - ships in Spring

This just in from 1up on the killer new game designed by game design legend Will Wright.

Even if you have a tiny little bit of geeky gaming in you, I suspect you will enjoy this game. Or maybe the hype is too much and it will die an ugly death.

I'm an optimist and so I think its going to be HUGE! I know some of you are gamers and so I thought I would spread the good news. Its all testing and tidying up for the coders from now until Spring...Woohoo!

Mark Oehlert and I hung out together at the GDC in 2006 after co-presenting at the Serious Games Summit. We saw Will Wright's presentation and I remember it being impressive. However, I do recall enjoying the Nintendo guy a little more. He even gave everyone free copies of BrainAge.


Karl Kapp said...


You and Mark look like twins...:)

Brent Schlenker said...

We've heard that before...must have been separated at birth or something.