Thursday, May 22, 2008

New OneNote and Education Blog

In response to my last blog Mike Tholfsen of the OneNote team sent me the link to their new OneNote and Education Blog.

Here is a brief description from Mike:
“Because there are so many things happening right now with OneNote and education, we wanted to start this blog to have a dialog with the education community, as well as share ideas, resources, and gather feedback from teachers, students and faculty. We also hope to point to examples of great things that educators and students are doing today with OneNote and education. In addition to K-12 and Higher Education, you can also expect to see topics on eLearning, training and on-boarding with OneNote. Many companies, including Microsoft, are delivering eLearning solutions using OneNote.”
I must say that I am very hopeful about OneNote. Yes, I'm a Mac user, but I know that the majority of Corporate eLearning Development is done on WinOS. AND Microsoft is actually seeing the eLearning community as a market. Don't forget about LCDS (Learning Content Development System). AND the Sharepoint Learning Kit. If your company is heavily invested in the Microsoft suite of Enterprise applications then you might do well to look into all of these. Hopefully you'll find that these tool kits come as part of your enterprise license already, but I wouldn't my breath.

If anyone has worked with any of these tools I would certainly enjoy hearing about your experience and if you have a link to some examples that would be even better.
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