Monday, July 07, 2008

Guild Summer Seminar Series 2008 - Learning in the 21st Century - August in Chicago

Mark Oehlert and I are gearing up for an outstanding 2 days of Collaborative Learning. Our colleagues Jeff and Clark are equally pumped for the second 2 days of Immersive Learning Simulations.
The cool thing for me is that I get to be there for all 4 days hanging out with the BEST in eLearning. Even better is that I expect to actually learn a lot from the attendees as well. That's my favorite part! Its a blast sharing my experiences with others, but both of these topics are so dynamic that the conversation that starts at events like this tend to last for a very long time. Just think about 4 full days fully involved in the cutting edge technologies that are changing our profession.

On a side note this seminar series will be 1 week before the 3rd anniversary of Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development. It just seems appropriate to celebrate it in good company over a few culinary delights. This is what I said 3 years ago on day 1 of this Learning2.0 adventure:

Thanks for stopping by Corporate eLearning Development. I chose the title because it can mean so many different things, and I hope to cover many topics that are so real to me at this moment in my career.

I've been wanting to start this for quite some time and the time has come. After presenting 2 topics at the eLearningDevCon2005 in Oregon, I have committed to making this blog and it's resources a reality.

I don't believe that many eLearning professionals, especially those under a corporate blanket, understand that the field as we now it is undergoing a drastic change we are not prepared for. I am constantly amazed at the number of seminars, conferences, and EdTech curriculums still preaching old school ISD and how to create all of the "elements of effective eLearning"...forget about it. I would urge you to consider updating your skills in graphics design, color theory, image manipulation, Interaction design, cartooning, comics, audio/video production, and story telling.

Please read the following books: Re-imagine! by Tom Peters, and A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink...

I will be following this post with updates to the blog as well as other materials


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,
I completely agree with your recommendation for IDs to upgrade their skills in media production ... not to the point where they are competent in using the various applications such as Photoshop, Premier, 3D Studio, Poser or Flash etc, but rather that they are knowledgeable of what tools are available and for what purposes. This in turn will be helpful to them when they're designing instructional strategies and determining appropriate activities.
RJ Ferguson

Anonymous said...

This series looks great and I hope you get to transition over in Second Life for some of it.

If you do, the stage is set (literally in a virtual way) for your use.

Second Life Stage