Wednesday, August 27, 2008

groundswell - confirming my e-Learning 2.0 ideas

I recently finished listening to the audiobook, groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Of course there is nothing in it that talks about e-Learning 2.0. But that has been my point all along for the last 5 years of my career. So let me make it again so we are all clear:

Social Media is changing EVERYTHING!

Everything is turned upside down from everything we've known and done in the past. In years past implementing technology cost millions of dollars. And more often then not it took so long to get right that corporate culture had plenty of time to adjust. That is if it really had too.

Today, the technology is CHEAP and fast to implement. groundswell has plenty of case studies to share. The tough part is getting the people to catch up. groundswell makes this point beautifully as well.

Don't lock yourself into thinking that e-Learning 2.0 is something YOU need to be implementing. Step 1 is simply looking around your organization. Talk with your IT Buddy. You have an IT buddy don't you? Is there an Enterprise Wiki available, like Intelpedia at Intel Corp. ? (Josh Bancroft of Intel gets excellent kudos in the book...way to go Josh!) Or how about an enterprise blogging system? Better yet, is there a social network similar to facebook lurking behind your firewall that hasn't been announced yet?

Or maybe you are have MS Sharepoint. Did you know that Sharepoint now creates RSS feeds and offers a lot of Web2.0-ish functionality?

The point is that Social Media is changing ALL aspects of BUSINESS. All you need to do is be ahead of the curve. As Charlene and Josh put it "get inside the groundswell." If you are already there then you will see the learning opportunities staring you in the face. If you are left on the outside looking in then level of training and consulting will ever get you up to speed.

Social Media is hands-on: Get in or you're OUT! Look into "reverse mentoring" as part of your change management strategy. That's where you get the early adopters (typically younger, newer employees) who "get it" help the late adopters get into the game.


  1. If you are VERY new to all of this start with ClueTrain Manifesto, then read Naked Conversations, then read groundswell.
  2. If you are already onboard and excited about social media and just need some practical tips on how to get started, then go straight to groundswell.

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