Sunday, December 14, 2008

From 100 to 600+ eLearning Twitter-ers

Wow!  I just saw a Gmail alert for Jane Hart's 600+ Learning Professionals on Twitter Didn't I just blog about 100+ eLearning Professionals to follow on TWITTER? Why yes...yes I did. (Or else that link back there wouldn't work.)  That was an incredible growth spurt!  Are there any of you left out there that still don't "get" twitter?  If so, you now have 600 tutors waiting to help you...sort of.

Are you having conversations and sharing on TWITTER yet? If not, 600+ learning professionals are chatting without you...right now!...from all over the world! They are sharing best-known-methods, case studies, tool selections, vendor likes/dislikes, and SO much more. Oh yea, and TWITTER is NOT a generational thing. So don't think that its just "those young techno-punks" out there twittering. NO! Most teens are still kickin' it old school with txtmsging. I have yet to find a kid twittering...but I plenty that still msg regularly.

I'm very interested in hearing stories about something you've learned via TWITTER. Or perhaps something that twitter pointed you too. OR how to actually use twitter or other microblogging tools to be productive.

I may be pushing it a little, but have you tried FriendFeed yet? I've just learned some cool new ways to use FF, and integrating twitter is only one of those ways. The funny thing is that most of the "high geeks" that I know don't actually "use" twitter. They use other tools that simply connect to Twitter. Those tools either push content to twitter, or pull content from twitter.

Perhaps the application holy grail of 2009 will be the one app to rule all APIs. I'm still waiting. And quite frankly I'm getting really tired of dealing with SO MANY! New Years Resolution: consolidate online workflow.
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