Friday, April 10, 2009

12 Brain Rules continue to stir interest with Instructional Designers

Dr. Medina, author of Brain Rules was the keynote at DevLearn08 and he was outstanding!  The book and his keynote address learning and education at great lengths.  If you are an instructional designer looking for deeping understanding of your career, then you MUST read this book.  Learning behavioral theory is one thing, but understanding the specifics of how the brain truly processes environmental stimuli is far more enlightening...IMO.  Perhaps Graduate ID programs should include a course on neuroscience.

Brain Rules Conversation
If you missed the conference and/or still need to read the book, then buy it now and follow along with Clive Shepherd's discussion.  Clive is addressing all 12 of Dr. Medina's brain rules on his blog Clive on Learning.  He's up to #4 today, so you can still get in on it: Rule #1 Rule #2 Rule #3 Rule #4

What you will find after reading the book, or watching the many YouTube videos, is that your/our current instructional design models are in direct conflict with how the brain actually functions...go figure.

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