Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lrnchat LIVE! at DevLearn09

DevLearn09 #dl09
Originally uploaded by Litmos

There were a lot more lrnchat participants at DevLearn than in this photo. I just want to be clear on that. The photo-op was totally spontaneous so we had to go with who was there at the time. Sorry to those of you that left early :(
I have a lot to blog about DevLearn09, but I just had to get this out because, for me, this pretty much sums up the highlight of the event: community!
The sense of camaraderie was simply amazing! Social media brought us all together online where we learn from and about each other. DevLearn brings us all together and seals the deal. There are some great quotes from the event along these lines but can't think of one. So, I'll leave you with this pic as we head into tonights #lrnchat.


E Learning Tools said...

hoping to be one of the people who attended.

Matt Murray said...

Hey Brent. Looks like DevLearn 09 was a blast! Can't wait to hear more.