Monday, October 18, 2010

QR Codes - a new way to "LIKE"

I've often wondered why QR have not taken off in the US the way they did in Japan. But I now believe its because alone they do not really solve any problems for users. Actually in my experience they just frustrate people and the payoff is minimal. I hear things likes, "it would have been easier to just type the URL into my mobile browser."

Well now marketers are finally getting smart...or smarter. The idea is to look and what mobile users are already doing and us QR codes to make THAT process easier.

Liking in Facebook is something people love to do. So why open up the app and find the page and click the like button, when you can snap a QR code and the "liking" is done for you. NOW, we may see QR codes start to take hold.

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Facebook like buttons are now everywhere on the Web—on products, status messages, and blog posts like this one. It’ so easy to like things—just one click—that people do it all the time. But what about when you are walking along the street and you see something in a window that you really like, or in a magazine, or a product you are holding in your hands?


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