Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lectora Launches Snap! Will $99 Price Start Price War?

Wow! Today's big news at the Lectora Users Conference is their launch of Snap!  But the REAL news is the price.  At $99 its worth having in your eLearning toolkit before even knowing what it does.
From the Digital Journal:
 With the simple click of a button, Snap! by Lectora enables you to: 
  •     Make your presentations come to life: Turn a simple PowerPoint presentation into an engaging Flash masterpiece in minutes. Add sizzle with audio, video and images.
  •     Create truly rapid eLearning: This easy-to-use and intuitive eLearning software comes equipped with courses full of interactive quizzes and engaging surveys.
  •     Share content with anyone, anywhere: Want your colleagues across the globe to review your eLearning course? Want to share your PowerPoint presentation with your friend who works remote? No problem, just upload it to
Read more:

 I only want to know 2 things: 1) will it ever work on my Mac? 2) How will their competitors respond?

This is certainly a fun time to be in eLearning.  More news coming...

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