Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UK eLearning News: Clive Shepherd Chairs First Charity Learning Conference

Congratulations to Clive Shepherd on this announcement!
Clive Shepherd will be chairing the first Charity Learning Conference in London on 15 September. An entertaining presenter and widely acknowledged as one of the UK's foremost experts on eLearning, he'll be guiding the conference to some interesting learning outcomes. The Conference has been designed by the Charity Learning Consortium to both celebrate L&D in the Third Sector and inspire members of the Consortium in the invaluable work that they do.
Clive shares his thoughts on learning at his blog Clive on Learning.  I've been a big fan for many years.  And this year I've finally talked him into sharing his knowledge at DevLearn 2011.  You can spend an entire day with Clive by registering for his pre-conference workshop: Designing Next Generation Blended eLearning Solutions.  He doesn't often come to the US for events, and so we are honored to have him as part of the Devlearn faculty.

I first met Clive at the Annual Gathering conference in Boston 2006.  We were invited to a special beer tasting party hosted by Jim Javenkoski.  Turns out that night was who's who of eLearning.  I'll share the pics in another post.  But just writing THIS post reminds me how powerful and important the more relaxed face to face meetings are.  But I digress...

If you don't know who Clive is, you should.  He's an important voice in the eLearning community.  I wish him all the best with the Charity Learning Conference, and look forward to seeing him in Las Vegas this November.

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