Tuesday, April 17, 2012

14% of Employees Value Corporate Training as Essential to their Learning

14% is not good. Shocking? No? Almost 70% went even further and marked company training as somewhat or not important. What's up with that?

As someone who has suffered through horrific corporate training experiences this does not surprise me.

As someone who has spent more than 15 years working to make corporate training better, this annoys me.

From Jane's blog post:
"But I think the biggest take-away from my survey is that we can no longer assume we know how people like to learn in the workplace nor how we think people should learn."
You can read more about Jane Hart's anonymous survey results on her blog Learning in the Social Workplace.

There is a certain reality that everyone in any corporation seems to understand about in-house corporate training: It sucks!  Even those of us working to improve eLearning and Training designs know about this negative perception.  And yet, while everyone hates mandatory courses, and very few employees change their behavior based on training courses, we continue to play the game. Companies continue to pay for it, and other companies are willing to provide it.

In my opinion this is not a training problem.  This is a human problem that involves every aspect of each employee's personal and professional life.  This is where we begin to look at learning as a whole instead of just the training parts.

If learning is the desired outcome then we may want to pay attention to data like this.  I'm hoping to see more comprehensive reports in the near future confirming Jane's results.

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