Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Knowledge Management DEAD one word GOOGLE

I am a big proponent of support systems that give people "what they want, when they want it, and in the format they need it". But there is no need for the training experts and vendors to be wasting their time developing new systems, databases, metatagging, and so on. Our job is simply to use the AWESOME tools created by our impressive IT friends at Google.

If GoogleAds can check content and offer up links of "like" content, then we aren't far off from content that organizes itself into custom based training NUGGETS that get us information "when and where we need it". The giant GoogleGrid will be ubiquitous but the same power will be available Intranet style...perhaps IntraGoogleGrid, or MicroGrids, for internal corporate goings on.

Proof...GoogleMail, GoogleIM, GoogleVideo, GoogleBlogger, GoogleGroups, Massive FREE harddrive storage space, FREE kidding...have you bought your Google stock today? At $285 bucks it's still a bargain. Excellent Article

We must begin engaging the employees in our charge with instruction/courses in story telling, and metaphor, so employees are prepared to fill the GoogleGrid (Giant respository) with meaningful interesting stories. More on story telling and why it's important's a good primer

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