Thursday, August 25, 2005

StoryTelling Postmortems Debriefings Lessons-Learned

So why is storytelling a critical part of what we do in Corporate eLearning. Whether we DO anything with it or not is beside the point, however we LIVE with it and participate in it frequently. I'll go as far as to say we all tell stories every day of our lives. Think about the story you tell every time some asks, "How'd your day go?", or "How'd that meeting go?" or simply "How are you?" this link. Oh yeah, and this link too Collaboration, Storytelling: Potent potions for Pharmaceutical

After a major implementation effort (which includes our training efforts) we participate in "postmortems". What is this but simply a campfire of storytelling: What went right, what went wrong. What makes a great, successful, productive, postmortem? In my corporate experience its the one with the best stories. The stories that EVERYONE related to...the context of the facts AND the associated personal experiences and emotions felt...EMPATHY.

Don't forget that when we create instructor led courses with "hands-on" activities we ALSO include a debriefing at the end. (Business training/simulation consultants utilize this as the MAIN learning moment for the team.)

Simply stated...If your people cannot reflect, and tell a good story, you will gain very little from postmortems and debriefings completely missing out on the ever so valuable LESSONS LEARNED!!!

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