Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Smelling and learning

I am increasingly more convinced that the marketing profession has much to teach us in the learning profession. After all aren't they "teaching" people? In 30 seconds or less as well...and/or with few or no words at all. Basically both professions are saying "hey, REMEMBER what I'm telling you, showing you, etc.".

I have much to ponder on this topic but for now I want you to consider the little details of training. Specifically those of us that still teach in a classroom for one reason or another. Our presentation is perfect, materials are beautiful, the instructional design is flawless, and the room is ready...or is it. You've done all that you can to influence your students maximun learning power...or have you. Ever thought about how your room (or you for that matter) SMELLS?

Smells like Brand Spirit article

Scent as a part of branding is more understood as a powerful gateway to our brains, and enhancing our ability to recall information. And marketers are taking advantage of it...So should we. I believe its another tool in providing the memorable EXPERIENCE for our learners. I imagine the training room that we are responsible for being beautiful, well decorated, the perfect temperature, comfortable chairs, and a pleasing scent. I want my customer base to LOVE the environment so much that going to training is something to look forward too. Not just a vacation from the daily grind, but an actual experience conducive to producing the FLOW effect and enhancing recall of training objectives.

Sure the training needs to be GOOD too. But, don't we all assume that our training is great! :)

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