Friday, February 17, 2006

Rethinking Learning NOT Learning2.0 - George Siemens


I love the concept of connectivism put forth by George Siemens. Sometimes in the corporate cubicle farm discussions get tossed into an either/or debate. I hate that. Yes, I'm a little cranky at times about "click next" courses being sold as "learning". But traditional online courses do have their place especially when you are delivering information that is foundational, static, and practically chisled in stone. The catch is in designing that content to be so remarkable that people recommend it to their friends as a "great course" and an "awesome experience".
The reality within the cubicle farm and related factories is that the REAL learning, and REAL meaning is being created via the network connections you create and participate in. The point is that the connections are more important than the content. The new role of the Learning Professional is to facilitate the connections for our employees and influence management to support the connections and activities that foster their continued existance. I could go on, but take 30mins of your time and listen to this outstanding presentation to get the rest.

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