Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stephen Downes take on Learning2.0 in eLearn Mag

eLearn: Feature Article on Learning2.0

One of the original great writings on Learning2.0. This is a must read, send, blog, and re-read for all involved with corporate elearning. The writing is on the wall. Here is my favorite part...

What happens when online learning ceases to be like a medium, and becomes more like a platform? What happens when online learning software ceases to be a type of content-consumption tool, where learning is "delivered," and becomes more like a content-authoring tool, where learning is created? The model of e-learning as being a type of content, produced by publishers, organized and structured into courses, and consumed by students, is turned on its head. Insofar as there is content, it is used rather than read— and is, in any case, more likely to be produced by students than courseware authors. And insofar as there is structure, it is more likely to resemble a language or a conversation rather than a book or a manual.

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