Friday, March 03, 2006

2.0 Mandatory Reading - Next Wave of Productivity Tools

via Jay Cross and Informal Learning I was introduced to Rod Boothby at Innovation Creators

The Next Wave in Productivity Tools - Web Office

I have been blogging about and linking to many articles on Learning2.0, millenials, web2.0 and on, and on. The basic premise that I see is this fundamental shift, or undercurrent changing the way business is done, and the ways in which we get things done. Here's a great starting quote to pique interest...

The average MBA graduates in 2006 are not just knowledge workers. They are capable of being highly networked internal entrepreneurs and innovation creators. Their ability to connect is not just about email, BlackBerries, text messages and voice-mails. They are intimately familiar with all those tools, but ultimately, expertise with those one-to-one connectivity tools is just the price of admission.

What makes these new graduates so effective is their ability to work efficiently with large virtual teams and their amazing ability to maximize the power of their personal networks.

I cannot quote it all. But it is the definitive writing that sums up much of what is going on today. Use it as a conversation starter to open up talks within your org.

From a learning point of view, it should become obvious to you after reading this that the clicknext learning that I so frequently bash will NOT be tollerated in this new era of 2.0 stuff.

I'm downloading the PDF and posting it on my wall.

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