Friday, September 29, 2006

Mathcasts by you really need a Masters in EdTech?

Jon Udell has a great interview with Tim Fahlberg today. Tim is changing the face of math education at and
This is a must listen. What strikes me is that KIDS are creating these mathcasts which makes their learning deeper and also helps those who come after them.
Corporate training departments all over the world are paying giant sums of money to create powerpoint and then even more money on tools that convert those to "online learning".
I don't know about you guys, but I find the 4th grade screencasts significantly more engaging than any corporate click2death training I've taken. What's up with that?

Listen to the interview and pay particular attention to the discussion on hiring teachers, or employees in the future that have Learning Portfolios. They also address the fear of teachers and trainers feeling irrelevant with the advent of these new tools. Are you going to be irrelevant?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing to this interesting example. The link to the math example seems to lead to a blank page. Some bug with encoding blanks for the URL. You can use this URL instead

bschlenker said...

Thanks for the tip. I"ll change the URL.

Anonymous said...

The site has moved to a Google JotSpot wiki here:


Tim Fahlberg

Tim Fahlberg said...

Our mathcasts wiki is now here:

Thanks! -- Tim Fahlberg