Monday, October 23, 2006

SecondLife + Moodle = SLoodle and coolness!

I loved blogging about Heart Murmur Sim in Second life back in September by Jeremy Kemp.  While snooping around the SimTeach wiki I discovered some work being done on connecting SL to Moodle.  I found at the NMC Observer that Jeremy wastes no time...that this work has been given a name...SLoodle.  AWESOME!  I just realized that today was the first inworld event...rats! I missed it.
Now that I have a little extra time on my hands, I will definitely be playing in this space...maybe now?

[pause...lose 2.5 more hours]

So, while I started writing this post, I thought maybe I should test this SLoodle thing and so I click a link from inside the SLoodle demo and bingo...I'm inworld.  But wait it gets better...
Jeremy Kabumpo....oops, I mean Kemp, SLoodle creator, is INWORLD... and he gives me a live demo of SLoodle.  Its still in its early stages, but WOW!  Incredible potential here, folks.  The seamless movement from one environment to the next is cool.  Seeing Moodle blocks represented in 3D space will blow your mind!  And the innovative teaching possibilities are endless.  My head is spinning.
I'm going to see if we can get an Inworld demo from Jeremy at Learning2006

Oh, and so while I'm inworld, I get IM'd by a Learning professional from the UK who had contacted me the other day via the Brandon Hall Network.  So we chatted for a while.
It truly is a much FLATTER, smaller world.  I love this stuff!

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Mark said...


You're my hero! Great finds with SLoodle and the BH Network. I had seen the announcements of the BHN come out but had resisted trying it - knowing you were in there gave me spur I needed and I must say - I'm impressed. The GUI is by no means perfect but it is about 75-80% there and that is pretty good. I also like the automated "no sales pitch" popup.

Good hunting man.